McManis & Monsalve Associates

Fairfax County (Training, Organizational Development & Executive Coaching)

Contract Name: Training, Organizational Development and Executive Coaching
Contract Number: RQ08-918720-Y
Contract Period: October 9, 2007 to August 31, 2010. Just signed a one year extension through August 31, 2011.
Contract Ceiling: n/a

Statement of Work

Fairfax County has a need to provide training and organizational development services to its 12,000 county employees. The audience that Fairfax County serves is one that is rich in diversity: ethnic, cultural, educational, generational, and economic. Successfully meeting the needs of this challenging audience requires a staff that is highly skilled and engaged, and one that has the requisite skills, knowledge and abilities to meet a broad range of customer needs.

The foundation that the County has developed for meeting the challenges of a diverse customer base is embodied in a robust, competency-based model entitled the: Fairfax County Framework for Excellence. The overarching goal of the program is to build and sustain a high performing organization (HPO). In keeping with this ambitious goal, Fairfax County has partnered with McManis & Monsalve Associates and other firms that can provide services that directly align with one or more of the competencies outlined in the Framework and are done so in a way that is consistent with the terms and conditions outlined in the Request for Proposal.

In partnership with our subcontractor, we are ready to offer half and full day training for all levels and skill sets of the county’s employees that engulf the identified competencies. In addition, we can offer lunch-n-learn wellness lectures and organizational development services. Catalog available upon request.


pan – A TALX Company
11590 North Meridian Street, Suite 200
Carmel, IN 46032

Ordering Process

A Fairfax County catalogue of vendor services on this contract has been developed. The catalogue will be distributed to managers within the County. Fairfax County managers can order from the catalogue and issue purchase orders through the Fairfax contracting officer for through their local contracting office.

Other local government agencies outside of Fairfax County may use this contracting vehicle based on reciprocity arrangements made through the “Council of Governments.” Purchase orders are issued through their respective local Government contracting offices.

Fairfax County Agencies seeking training or organizational development services may contact vendors directly on an as needed basis. Agencies may also seek referrals to vendors from the contracting officers. There are approximately 50 different agencies within Fairfax County.

Orders must be within the scope of the contract and within the scope of each vendor’s award based on what they bid. Vendor questions regarding out of scope requests should be directed to designated POC. Modifications to vendor contracts in cases where vendors wish to add new courses will be assessed at year-end. Requests for specialized or customized courses can be accommodated by some of the vendors if they were awarded that particular contract line item—McManis & Monsalve workshops may fall into this area.

Labor Rates

Rates have been established for half day courses and full day courses on a flat fee basis for training services. Organizational development services are priced per job with a designated amount of hours specified for each type of task.


Sharlene Holladay
Managing Associate

Diana Mungai
Principal Associate